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Experiment sexually – early and often

Like most couples, sex is a fairly common activity. In today’s society in particular, more and more people are engaging in sexual activities, even if they aren’t yet married. And while that is a great thing in general for reinforcing the love between two people, the unfortunate reality is that many people stop well short of their full potential where sexual pleasure is concerned.

In many cases, at least one member of a couple (if not both) are perfectly content with sticking to the most basic forms of sex (i.e. missionary position in the bedroom), which means they never end up venturing out into more exciting avenues for sexual pleasure. And while this not only hurts the potential you have in the bedroom, there can often be lasting negative effects into the relationship as a whole as things start to get monotonous over time.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to experiment sexually and start expanding your proverbial sexual minds. Sex toys are a great place to start, as they allow you to feel pleasure in new and exciting ways. Vibrators are especially popular with women, but even men can get into the action with butt plugs and toys designed for their own genitalia! And best of all is that you can buy them all online and have them shipped right to your door. We highly recommend buying sex toys from Blissful Cherry – not only is the site run by Mia Hart, an awesome member of the LGBTQ community, but they also have a genuinely great selection of toys for both beginners and more experienced sex toy users.

Once you’ve wet your feet with sex toys, another thing to potentially look at is having sex somewhere other than the bedroom. At first you can start by doing it around the house, in random places such as the kitchen or the dining room. And if you and your partner really start to get frisky and adventurous, you can even begin having sex in public spaces such as in your car in a public parking lot, or even on the beach or in a park. Just keep in mind that the point of having sex in public spaces is to get that thrill of doing it without getting caught, so you definitely should not be trying to intentionally have sex for everyone to see, but rather have sex inconspicuously and try to “get away with it”, so to speak. Regardless of how far you go with the sex in other places concept, the change in scenery will be a nice change of pace, if not a huge turn-on.

One final thing that you can try is to invite other people to have sex with you and your partner. In other words, look into having threesomes or even full-on orgies. Now this obviously would require that both you and your partner are comfortable with not just the idea in general, but the additional people that would be joining you in bed as well. But if you can make this work, you and your partner’s sexual worlds will definitely be elevated to new heights!

Although there are a lot of ways to experiment sexually, always remember that there is nothing wrong with trying them out and realizing that it isn’t right for you or your partner personally. That’s why they call it experimenting! So long as you are constantly experimenting rather than sticking to the same old script, there is no doubt that you will continue to find things that constantly re-invigorate the sex that you and your partner have together!