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We document weddings in Vancouver and destinations worldwide to tell your story: whether that’s an elopement in Iceland, a wedding in France, or an adventure in Patagonia. We know it's the real life moments and genuine emotions that together create the best stories. Some call this wedding photojournalism. We just call it the best of what we do and love. Our natural and honest approach to wedding photography and wedding videography allows us to create stories that are not only beautiful but also unique and inspiring. We’re documentary wedding photographers and videographers based in Vancouver available for international assignments, including weddings, elopements, and adventures in far off places.

An intimate wedding at Cammidge House in Boundary Bay, Delta and a wedding film celebrating two old friends.

Ellie & Tyson invited both our photography and cinematography teams to join them in their relaxed, intimate wedding at the height of summertime in Vancouver. Where a cool breeze and a run around the tidal flats with your pup makes for the best kind of morning. Where getting ready together in a quaint house surrounded by tall grasses feels like second nature. Ellie & Tyson met through a shared love of dodgeball (for those of you not from Vancouver—yes, this is a popular activity here) and the way they connected in the hours of their wedding day was precisely how they hoped their family and other guests would enjoy their time at the traditional but modern venue: with great love and comfort from being gathered together. And fun—lots of fun. READ MORE

It’s always exciting for us when clients opt to have Super 8mm in their wedding film. It adds an element of style digital footage can aim to emulate, never quite fully reaching that aesthetic. It must be the tone, texture, and grain of Super 8mm working in mysterious and beautiful ways.

Susan & Costa are some of the most considerate people you’ll ever meet. They wanted to keep their wedding at the Brix Restaurant in Vancouver vibrant and fun, preferring personal and unique touches and lots of food, liquor, and dancing over anything particularly “wedding” or cheesy. Feeling thrilled was an understatement when we were asked to be a part of their grand but laid back plans to celebrate on the longest day of the year, complete with ice cream at Granville Island, a bottle of Windex as a wedding gift, and dancing on broken plates. True story.


Nimisha Mukerji, Mark Ratzlaff

Photographing the wedding of these two creatives had an element of something extra special. It’s hard to place my finger on it even in retrospect, but there seemed to be an added element of understanding for the creative process and of allowing things to unravel naturally. It was like this throughout the day—from their families’ homes in the morning to the evening celebration at Nikkei Place.

The two met ten years ago during their studies in the Film Production program at the University of British Columbia. Little did they know (or maybe they knew well) that they would eventually become partners and esteemed independent filmmakers, even collaborating on a number of films including the award-winning feature documentary, Blood Relative. Nimisha sums it up in her vows to Mark: “…I want you to know that you are still my nemesis today.” I felt like I was in good company during the process of working with Nimisha & Mark—wonderful company in fact. They’re the sort of people who are immeasurably generous and kind, who are tender together with a healthy dose of playfulness as if between old, good friends. And they shared this with me and their family and friends—during the morning preparations, the First Look, from the slow motions of the day to the ones that last an instant. And when they reenacted the “Twist” scene from Pulp Fiction at Nikkei Place. They have a way about them, these two. As an admirer of their work and people who can tell stories in the ways they do, I was a bit star-struck (but don’t tell them that). As their wedding photographer, the experience couldn’t have been any more validating and, well, fun. Thanks for having me, Mish & Mark. READ MORE

Morocco Wedding Photographer

I don’t often submit my work to best wedding photography type lists, but when the Canada Photo Convention announced their Top 30 Canadian Wedding Photographers Under 30 opportunity, I entered feeling very good about what I’d been able to accomplish before hitting the big 3-0.

I was told I was one of the 30 photographers who’d made the list even before receiving the official email from Canada Photo Convention. The word had gotten around. I received some internet hugs and high-fives from friends, some of whom were selected, too. I was a bit shocked by it all but when it sunk in, I felt nothing short of honoured and excited to be on a list alongside some of my most talented colleagues and friends. It’s been validating and coincidentally the news has come about half-way through my wedding season, giving me pause to think about what this year has been like for me. READ MORE

Wedding Party Portraits

Cherryl & David’s wedding at the Fraser River Lodge in Agassiz was a fine way of kicking off the wedding season in earnest.

These two recognized that the most important aspects of their wedding needn’t rely on selecting a specific theme, a trendy colour palette, or things that didn’t reflect who they were. Instead of chasing the sun, as Cherryl told me, they selected as their wedding date a time of year that commemorated their time together — their anniversary — a date that meant something to them. READ MORE

Oku Iya Kazurabashi, Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Iya Valley Travel Guide, Shikoku Suspension Bridge

Our ferry from Yakushima lurched towards mainland Kyushu and between our memories of laying motionless on the ferry floor (the only antidote to a hearty sea sickness) and walking in stillness with the cedar groves of Oku-Iya, we had found elegant imperfection and an exquisite, resting beauty in Kyushu, Chugoku, and Shikoku.

Our time in Kagoshima was brief, just as it had been the first time we were there. As we had been late to dock, we separated quickly from our ferry friends and sprinted towards the tram that would take us to Kagoshima-Chuo Station. Our packs were thankfully light considering the length of our trip, a fact we relished as we navigated downtown Kagoshima and alighted from tram, bus, and finally train. We arrived to an empty Aso Station and to a city well on its way to bedding down for the night. We felt the same about things by that time. READ MORE