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We document weddings in Vancouver and destinations worldwide to tell your story: whether that’s an elopement in Iceland, a wedding in France, or an adventure in Patagonia. We know it's the real life moments and genuine emotions that together create the best stories. Some call this wedding photojournalism. We just call it the best of what we do and love. Our natural and honest approach to wedding photography and wedding videography allows us to create stories that are not only beautiful but also unique and inspiring. We’re documentary wedding photographers and videographers based in Vancouver available for international assignments, including weddings, elopements, and adventures in far off places.

We wanted to create a wedding video that showcased Kelsey & James’ spirited personalities and contagious energy. And with the help of some Super 8 film goodness, soft winter light, and epic dance moves, we did just that.

Our season was off to a beautiful start with the arrival of Kelsey & James’ Whistler wedding at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. We weren’t actually able to meet in person prior to the wedding and had to handle all details virtually since the two are based out of San Francisco — but this didn’t phase anyone in the least. Our connection was instantaneous partly due to the fact that Kelsey & James had a way of joyfully and energetically expressing themselves through our email correspondence. It was like talking to old friends who are young at heart — you leave every conversation feeling rejuvenated and younger yourself.


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It’s difficult to wrap up a year in a few short sentences so I won’t — I’ll let the images do the talking this time, but if you’re interested in having more context behind these photographs, I’d be happy to chat (I’ve also blogged most of them separately in my Wedding Photography and Travel Photography sections).

The readers, the viewers, the people who follow what I do: I couldn’t have had such an incredible year without your support. So, thank you for believing in me and my work and for allowing me to string you along on these adventures. Moving forward, instead of simply connecting with you through the images I create, I want to actually meet you — in real life — for a coffee at home in Vancouver and / or a tea half way across the world. I want to take these opportunities to share my stories and to listen to yours. So how ’bout it? Let’s start with this: if you’re in Japan in early April of this year, let’s connect! I mean it.

Photography for me has always been about exploration and adventure, whether it’s for weddings or travel or otherwise. So I’m setting a straightforward intention for 2014 and it’s that I’ll be living through these words even more and with my girlfriend, Amy, whose constant support has helped make my photography what it is today.

This was 2013. 2014, I’m ready for you. READ MORE

Morocco Wedding Photographer

My heart leapt buildings when Myriam & Reza asked me to photograph their destination wedding in Morocco.

This was something I didn’t expect would happen in my (now) 4 years as a wedding photographer, but I’ve come to realize it’s sometimes the most serendipitous of meetings that help you grow. And truth be told, I’m often at my best when I get to combine my two loves of travel and weddings. In this case it all happened quite quickly: on a summer’s evening in downtown Vancouver, I met with Myriam to discuss their wedding plans and to finalize my involvement as their photographer. With an ocean between Myriam (in Vancouver) & Reza (in Germany), it made sense to meet and get married in a location that would soon represent a time when two families bonded even further over impromptu boot camps, explorations around North Africa, and French-inspired Moroccan food. READ MORE

Whistler Wedding Photographer Tomasz Wagner

Sometimes it’s great to get away from Vancouver to refresh my creative palate. And even though Whistler is only a 2.5 hour drive away, the change of location was just enough to help keep my focus keen. The fact that the wedding was an intimate and heartfelt affair was just icing on the cake!

Thinking back, the whole day mirrored the couple to a T. Both Jess and Mike were happy to keep the event simple and understated, which really only helped amplify the sense of closeness between all of the attendees. The groom, who was full of nerves, took solace in the brotherly advice of his cohorts and that same support was mirrored, if perhaps softened, in the bride’s room. The ceremony was short and sweet. Anxious excitement melted into tears of joy which then flipped back to smiles and laughter.

Once the formalities were dispensed with, we stole the wedding party away for a quick jaunt through the surrounding forest where the couple could collect their thoughts and bask in the reflection of their newly cemented nuptials. The light peeking through the overgrowth was spectacular and I can still remember how excited I was to see the images on a larger screen. The ethereal greens and flares still vivid in my memory.

The calm eventually gave way to a raucous celebration of drinking and dancing at the Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre. A live band played the group into the night where our very own Polaroid Photobooth was a huge hit. READ MORE

We love Super 8 Film here at Mananetwork Films and our wedding videos will soon reflect our love for film as well as fun and creative storytelling.

Super 8mm Film has been on my list of things to explore for a while and on our way to Ucluelet on Vancouver Island for a wedding last year, we held our first trial with this vintage medium. That click, that whirl — there’s something so exciting about the process of filming with a camera like this; you have to be so intentional about what gets documented and then when the rolls are complete, you’re asked to wait. I’ve experienced this during my explorations with film photography, of course, but the anticipation of waiting for our Super 8 film made us perfectly giddy, I kid you not. The fine gents featured in this video are none other than me and Brian Van Wyk, filmed on both Super 8 Film and the Canon 5D Mk III by Jon Chiang READ MORE

Double Exposure Wedding Photography

The opportunity to visit my good friends in San Francisco wasn’t something I could pass up, especially when it would involve a road trip down the breath-taking Californian coast.

After completing a 15 hours drive from Vancouver to San Francisco in one day, I was ecstatic to relax a while in the good company of Calvin and Maria in their beautiful apartment located in the design district of the city. These two have made a home of Boulder, Colorado and now San Francisco, California due to the nature of their work but I know their hearts will always be with Vancouver, the place they’ve decided to get married this summer. READ MORE