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We document weddings in Vancouver and destinations worldwide to tell your story: whether that’s an elopement in Iceland, a wedding in France, or an adventure in Patagonia. We know it's the real life moments and genuine emotions that together create the best stories. Some call this wedding photojournalism. We just call it the best of what we do and love. Our natural and honest approach to wedding photography and wedding videography allows us to create stories that are not only beautiful but also unique and inspiring. We’re documentary wedding photographers and videographers based in Vancouver available for international assignments, including weddings, elopements, and adventures in far off places.

Wedding Party Portraits

Cherryl & David’s wedding at the Fraser River Lodge in Agassiz was a fine way of kicking off the wedding season in earnest.

These two recognized that the most important aspects of their wedding needn’t rely on selecting a specific theme, a trendy colour palette, or things that didn’t reflect who they were. Instead of chasing the sun, as Cherryl told me, they selected as their wedding date a time of year that commemorated their time together — their anniversary — a date that meant something to them. READ MORE

Oku Iya Kazurabashi, Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Iya Valley Travel Guide, Shikoku Suspension Bridge

Our ferry from Yakushima lurched towards mainland Kyushu and between our memories of laying motionless on the ferry floor (the only antidote to a hearty sea sickness) and walking in stillness with the cedar groves of Oku-Iya, we had found elegant imperfection and an exquisite, resting beauty in Kyushu, Chugoku, and Shikoku.

Our time in Kagoshima was brief, just as it had been the first time we were there. As we had been late to dock, we separated quickly from our ferry friends and sprinted towards the tram that would take us to Kagoshima-Chuo Station. Our packs were thankfully light considering the length of our trip, a fact we relished as we navigated downtown Kagoshima and alighted from tram, bus, and finally train. We arrived to an empty Aso Station and to a city well on its way to bedding down for the night. We felt the same about things by that time. READ MORE

Hideaki Hamada, Haru Hamada, Mina Hamada

It’s not every day you get to spend a wonderful afternoon with Hideaki Hamada and his family in Expo Park in Osaka.

When we reached out to photographer Hideaki Hamada about meeting up in Osaka, we were delighted — and a bit star-struck — when he proposed having a meal together at the delicious and beautiful Bird. As we were early for our reservation, we walked across the lane to browse TRUCK Furniture and exchange smiles with Tokuhiko Kise, the proprietor of both TRUCK and Bird. What came afterwards was one of the most memorable parts of our travels throughout Japan: moments after being seated at Bird, we were greeted by Hideaki and his wife, Chizuru, as well as their children Haru and Mina. Within five minutes of meeting, Mina asks his father for permission to touch Tomasz’s beard, setting the tone for the evening and sparking a friendship between the children and Uncle “Beard” Tomasz. READ MORE

Yakushima Road Trip

Yakushima: a mountainous island of challenging multi-day hikes, carpeted forests, and roadside wildlife.

Our travels around Japan began in earnest on the island of Yakushima 屋久島 located south of Kyushu in the East China Sea. We opted for an unconventional and inexpensive way of traveling to the island from the city of Kagoshima: via the overnight Hibiscus freight ferry that would have us sleeping in shared sleeping berths with minimal amenities. It suited us just fine. READ MORE

We wanted to create a wedding video that showcased Kelsey & James’ spirited personalities and contagious energy. And with the help of some Super 8 film goodness, soft winter light, and epic dance moves, we did just that.

Our season was off to a beautiful start with the arrival of Kelsey & James’ Whistler wedding at the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre. We weren’t actually able to meet in person prior to the wedding and had to handle all details virtually since the two are based out of San Francisco — but this didn’t phase anyone in the least. Our connection was instantaneous partly due to the fact that Kelsey & James had a way of joyfully and energetically expressing themselves through our email correspondence. It was like talking to old friends who are young at heart — you leave every conversation feeling rejuvenated and younger yourself.


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It’s difficult to wrap up a year in a few short sentences so I won’t — I’ll let the images do the talking this time, but if you’re interested in having more context behind these photographs, I’d be happy to chat (I’ve also blogged most of them separately in my Wedding Photography and Travel Photography sections).

The readers, the viewers, the people who follow what I do: I couldn’t have had such an incredible year without your support. So, thank you for believing in me and my work and for allowing me to string you along on these adventures. Moving forward, instead of simply connecting with you through the images I create, I want to actually meet you — in real life — for a coffee at home in Vancouver and / or a tea half way across the world. I want to take these opportunities to share my stories and to listen to yours. So how ’bout it? Let’s start with this: if you’re in Japan in early April of this year, let’s connect! I mean it.

Photography for me has always been about exploration and adventure, whether it’s for weddings or travel or otherwise. So I’m setting a straightforward intention for 2014 and it’s that I’ll be living through these words even more and with my girlfriend, Amy, whose constant support has helped make my photography what it is today.

This was 2013. 2014, I’m ready for you. READ MORE