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wedding cinemagraph

An alternative to your common wedding photography: the wedding cinemagraph.

Over the past while, I’ve had the honour of having a few of my wedding cinemagraphs featured by a few blogs, including Oh! Weddings and Wedding Obsession. There’s something about the eerily still, yet moving image that leaves people fascinated. They engage the viewer on first click: it’s a subtle and isolated movement or perhaps a minute detail that catches your eye.

I was recently approached by a client requesting a cinemagraph for a webpage campaign. I have never thought of cinemagraphs as anything more than eye-twisters and mind-benders but I do enjoy creating them all the same. With said webpage still in its predesign stages I can’t release any further info, but to celebrate this new gig of sorts, I created a cinemagraph inspired by a recent shoot. Enjoy!

Tomasz Wagner | Mananetwork



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  1. These freak me out… every time I see them. But damn you, I can’t look away.